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Personalized and comprehensive senior living solutions.

Welcome To Harmony Eldercare!

Bringing sunshine into the evening of life!

Now is the time to relax and take life easy after completion of all responsibilities. To be free of worries and enjoy the simple pleasures of an unhurried meal or take the time to watch a glorious sunset. At a place where hospitality and warmth abound. Caring, compassionate staff assist with any needs. More...

A cocoon of comfort and security!

Villefranche, a project of Harmony Eldercare is located near Pondicherry and is well-secured and offers peaceful living in idyllic, natural environs. The homes are designed specifically for the convenience, safety and ease of elders. Security is assured through trustworthy personnel and CCTV cameras. All statutory approvals are in place and hence no worries. More...

Where health is wealth!

The fresh, unpolluted landscape promotes good health and well-being. Here, healthcare needs are met the way a resident decides, from simple nursing care to home doctors there are many options. More...

Flexible in every way!

The flexibility to do what one chooses and pleases! Move in at any age. Self-cook or dine at the restaurant on the premises. Multiple food choices to suit every palate. Meet like-minded friends. Play games, take long leisurely walks. Watch movies. More..


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