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When you are old, spend as much time as possible with your other half. Remember, one of you will most likely leave first and the one left behind will only have memories to cherish.

When you are old, there will come a time when getting to your own front door will be a challenge. So while you still can, visit as many places as possible.

When you are old, stop worrying about your children. They will make their fortunes. Just make sure you have settled all your dues before you go so they will not have to bear any and that you will be able to leave without regret.

When you are old, seize every opportunity to be with old friends, former classmates and former colleagues. There will be fewer such opportunities as time goes by. Running water does not go back and so it is with life.

When you are old, treat sickness with optimism. Whether you are rich or poor, everyone goes through the process of
birth, aging, sickness and death. There are no exceptions. That is life.

– Anonymous