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Hospitals are depressing. And put a lot of pressure on the rest of the family too says Smita Aiyar. Here is a wellness tip.

A fall for a senior citizen can be life threatening. If you have had a fall a hospital visit is necessary to check out broken bones, fix lacerations. If you have hurt your head the doctor will probably order a CT Scan too.

How to Avoid A Fall

Its better to be proactive with a few tips. How to avoid a fall and hospital visit –

Falls are common among #seniorliving. Water being the biggest culprit. Most falls happen in the bathroom and cause head injury, bones breaking. Simple dos and donts would go a long way

1.Do replace door mats outside bathrooms with anti slip mats.
2. Do add hand railings immediately. Three railings one near the toilet seat, one in the shower area and one near the wash basin are good to start with.
3. Add a non slip mat on the floor of the bathroom. The non slip mats drain water and keep the mat dry which can prevent a slip.

1. Don’t lock the bathroom door from inside. Use a paper as a door latch. Infact remove all latches of bathrooms! It would go a long way.
2. Don’t go into a bath if you are alone at home. Try to bathe when someone is at home.
3. Don’t leave a wet bathroom for the next person. Wipe it dry.