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Healthcare: Health services for home-bound seniors


Today, life expectancy has increased and the buzzword is ‘active aging’. Active aging is all about enhancing life through good health, participation and security. As one ages, the need to pay greater attention to health arises.

Bringing together technology, health and care!

Here health is conveniently delivered at the doorstep. The amazing power of technology and the rich expertise of qualified doctors and nurses are harnessed to help maintain and monitor health.

Concierge Home Health Service

There are times when one needs that personal touch. The home doctor services bring the best medical resources to the comfort of the home. Sometimes, there might be the need to meet the specialist who’s been treating for years. Transportation can be arranged.

Counselling, and other advanced services are provided on request too.

Community Health Centre

The heart of health care here revolves round the Community Health Centre. This is the hub for preventive care, wellness solutions, emergency services or regular consultation.

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