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If you are above 65 years it is best to take a flu shot at the beginning of the influenza season. And protect yourself says Smita Aiyar. Here is why.

People with diabetes, lung problems and kidney problems must take this simple precaution every year.

Influenza or flu is an infection of the upper airway. Typical signs of flu will be cold, fever, sore throat and headache.It can cause weakening of the body to fight other diseases. When the body has weakened it is likely that complications of the lung can develop. Like Pneumonia.

A flu shot does not cost much. Should be around Rs.500. Pick it up from any medical store . Check the validity of the shot. Because a vaccine from a previous year will generally not give protection the following year. Because each year WHO ( World Health Organisation) studies the prevalent viruses and decides the composition of the flu shot to make it relevant.

Take it to your doctor and request him to give it to you.

Other preventive measures include

1. Washing your hands regularly with soap.
2. Coughing and sneezing into your shirt sleeve rather than your hands

Flu shots are not made mandatory in India but they go a long way in protecting seniors from the colds , coughs and fevers that come with the change in season.Taking the flu shot may not eliminate the flu, but it is generally believed that the symptoms may be less severe.

Healthy eating, exercise, sleep, de-stress and monitoring vitamin D levels are all factors that should be addressed to keep you well this flu season