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There has never been a better time in life than this to sit back and recount on the lessons of life. Cultivating remarkable resilience and faith through these significant years of life has possibly made you tougher and stronger.


Today, you realize what truly matters. You’ve lived through some amazing times, seen your children turn into adults and perfectly happy to accept that some things can never stay under your control.

1. Get closer to nature – A long nature walk is extremely therapeutic so take a walk in the park, or spend time growing plants in your little garden . Let the mind wander.

2. Read a book – Pick your favourite book off the shelf, curl up on your bed, enjoy a piping cup of coffee and read it up.

3. Cook a treat– Pamper yourself with good food on this special day. Cook a meal or order a treat and feel delighted.

4. Soothe your senses – Walk in to the spa for relaxing massages that will calm your aching muscles, rejuvenate your senses.

5. Shop till you drop – Once in a while, shopping can be healing. Just go all out and shop for yourself.

6. Meet your friends – There is nothing more comforting than meeting your old friends for a coffee or lunch. Plan an evening and make memories with people who truly matter.

7. Do nothing but wonder – Sometimes, idling away time is equally important. Watching at empty spaces or allowing your mind to wander endlessly can also leave you feeling happy.

Do whatever takes your fancy – just make sure it ends up making you feel spectacular!
Live, love and inspire for you are truly special and powerful.