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Accept this fact early. And see how liberating the feeling is, says Smita Aiyar

Last week we wrote an article about turning 60. We asked our friends to develop other skills, get into an exercise routine and conduct a health check.

How about embarking on another journey. A de-clutter of the house.

De-clutter your home!

Everyday for the next 30 days give away something, anything. See how happy you feel at the end of the month. You will never miss these 30 things, but it will make 30 people happy. A recent incident made me do this.

My first friend left without a goodbye. She was only 61. Her husband has passed on earlier and she lived a wonderful independent life. Driving herself to the shopping centres, cooking for us, going to the club and socializing. But one day she was gone.

Her children came down for her funeral. And right after, they put all her things in the house for sale or giving away. They wanted nothing! Nothing? My friend’s home was filled with beautiful things. She was so house proud. But her kids wanted nothing.

I was surprised. Because in our life span we had valued the old rosewood cupboard that belonged to my mother. And had brought it 2,300 kms down when she died.

We had carefully packed the expensive Noritake crockery and cutlery too . We even built a special glass cupboard for it. Though we had not used it in years we always had a sentimental attachment to what we saw as kids.

We brought with us albums and photographs , yellow and frayed of our great grand parents, grand parents and parents, their home, their dog. We just could not throw them away.

All these were the memories we put in the physical form.

But my friend’s kids wanted nothing.

Suddenly it dawned on me. Life has changed. The kids are well settled , having enough of things they collected on their own. They have no sentimental attachment to old furniture and to things like we had. They have no place in their houses either. So why burden them with the additional responsibility of selling your stuff.

De-clutter your house. You will be happy, your kids will be happy and so will the people who actually need the things you gave to them. Plus you will have more space to walk around !!!