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Smita Aiyar says take up Painting as a hobby.

Turning 60 can be fun like we say. Its time to declutter your life, take a few holidays , visit old friends and even develop a hobby.


A new hobby fires your brain neurons , gives you a new purpose in life. Challenges your ability and most of all it tickles your creative capacities.

Why not try your hand at painting? I am convinced everyone can paint. But many of us have preconditioned notions about our abilities. We are always convincing ourselves how we cannot do this, cannot do that. Why not focus and say we can do this and that.

The hobby ensures you do not let yourself go to seed. It acts as good discipline to leave the house with a purpose. So find a painting teacher nearby. Keep aside two days in a week for this new found hobby.


Start with water colours or crayons. Personally I was not motivated with crayons! Don’t set high standards. You are not going for any appraisal! Then you will be surprised at what you can produce.

I remember a karaoke session one Squadron Leader Unni Menon invited us to. He wanted everyone to sing. Most of us shyed away when we were handed the mike. Now Unni was a good singer and with around 50 people at the party watching one could hardly croak. Then Unni said “ sing all of you”. The crowd broke into song. It was fun!

I always remember fondly his advice that day. “Everyone can sing”. Painting is just like singing. Everyone can paint.


P. Saraswati (in the picture above) is an artist. Most days she does voluntary work in the NGO that helps gypsy children. She also paints in her spare time. Here you see her doing a painting with acrylic. Other senior artists are also painting. So why not you?