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#sunriseatsixty & how!

 Say hello to Mr. Pushpanath Krishnamurthy – A Villefranche retirement home owner.


Pushpanath ‘Push’ Krishnamurthy has spent three decades at the leading edge of development work across three continents. Push has spent much of his professional career at Oxfam, where he acquired legendary status for his pioneering work on campaigns such as Make Trade Fair, the Climate Change Hearings, HIV/ AIDS, etc. An accomplished communicator and storyteller, Push takes complex issues and popularizes them for grassroots constituencies using a blend of traditional advocacy and new approaches. Push brings grassroots experience from regions as diverse as East Asia, Southern Africa, the Balkans and the Caucasus, and India. He is skilled in building multi-racial, cross-cultural teams and motivating highly diverse communities. With a background in development studies and agricultural science, Push also brings expertise in issues ranging from anti-poverty programmes, refugee rehabilitation, sustainable livelihoods, agricultural finance; disaster preparedness; participatory development; environmental assessment and gender.


In December 2009, Push embarked on a Walk for Climate Justice from Oxford, UK, to Copenhagen, Denmark, to raise attention to the issues of climate change and poverty at the UN conference on climate change in Copenhagen. In 2011, he has repeated this effort in a Walk for Climate Justice in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, to raise attention to the plight of small producers such as coffee growers in an era of climate change. The Walk has been supported by the Karnataka Growers Federation (KGF).


Push’s latest walk is anchored in Fair Trade/Climate justice. The walk starts on 20 Nov and ends on 10 Dec as the leaders meet and agree on a FAB(Fair:ambitious;Binding) decision – He will be the medium through which stories and messages will be communicated to Paris and all his supporters who are walking in Indonesia to Nigeria – a km or more shouting GOPUSHGO – sending the photo or video.


He will walk around 30 kms a day. Meet farmers, sustainable business, research stations, schools and local authorities. The idea is to capture stories of hope and good-urge all to make more of them. Many people-from hardened trekkers to youthful college students; mothers and professional women to faith workers all joining Push in this endeavour.


Mr. Pushpananth is a shining example of #sunriseatsixty and how age is just a number when it comes down to making a difference. Go, Push. Go!?