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Time to relook says Madhurima Das

You may not feel 60 yet but you are turning one next month! Does it mean your world gets smaller and world restricted? You’re entering the golden age and all you need to be careful about is not to take life too seriously and simply enjoy.

Happy senior couple

Happy senior couple

Having spent a significant part of your life making a career, building a home and raising kids, it is time now to sit back, relax and do as your heart desires. However, having hit the magical age, you also need to schedule certain activities as part of your routine life.

1. If you hadn’t been regular with exercises all this while, it is time to get in to the fitness mode and ensure some form of work-out regularly.
2. Routine health checks to stay on top of any ailment and follow proper medication.
3. Get online. Being net savvy helps you prevent tiresome outdoor trips to the bank, grocer or several offices to pay monthly bills.
4. Drink and smoke in moderation. Try to maintain a healthy and a balanced diet.

A quality lifestyle must consider various engagements that will keep you occupied through the day. Your leisure hours can be ideally apportioned between activities such as:

1. Reading – If you are an avid reader, it is the right time to nurture your relationship with books. Register with a library or stock up on your favourite books and spend your time reading.

2. Socializing – It is a good idea to meet your old bunch of friends and family on special occasions to share smiles and laughter that will keep you in high spirits. You can form a senior citizen community and engage in indoor games such as cards or chess.

3. Working – If you have no significant health ailments, you may take up consultancy projects to keep you engaged few hours for couple of days in a week.

4. Travel – The ideal time to travel with your partner or a group of like-minded individuals, explore new territories and spend your precious time and hard earned money on visiting new places.

5. Pursue a hobby – All that your heart has been longing to pursue, well, it is never too late! You can enrol in your favourite classes like music, theatre, playing an instrument, voluntary services with NGO etc. in order to learn and hone a new skill.

At 60, there’s a new sense of optimism since a large part of your life is already balanced. You’ve every opportunity to create a better life each day. Keep up your spirits and say cheers to the wonderful life!