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How do you decide when your loved ones need assisted living?

Here are a few pointers that could help.

One of the signs to watch out for are slips, loss of balance and falls. As one grows older and the body gets weaker, the chances of these accidents increase. Falls can result in accidents needing surgery or can sometimes prove fatal. Your loved ones need all the care they can get and someone to assist them as they move around. This will help prevent accidents and this care is possible with assisted living. Some people do go in for domestic help but then they are barely qualified to provide the kind of assistance needed.

Another sign to watch out for is elders struggling to manage their activities of daily living (ADL) which are needed to live independently. These include things like brushing the teeth, bathing, shopping, taking medicines, dressing and so on.

Another sign to check into assisted living is when they start losing their memory. They may forget where they kept their things, forget that they ate or overeat or even lose their way home. This forgetfulness can make them prey top outsiders and vendors who could exploit them.

Or they have been diagnosed with diseases like Alzheiemer’s or Dementia. Assisted living will be a safer option for them as there would be someone to handle these issues that crop up in day-to-day life. Besides that, there are others suffering from terminal diseases like cancer and they need specialised care and monitoring.

Socially, you might find elders retracting themselves from society, avoiding visiting people, giving up hobbies and interests that they were once passionate about or avoiding social contacts. They may withdraw into themselves. These could be because they lack the confidence that they can travel on their own or that they may be suffering depression. That is when they would need assisted living.

Assisted living can bring back the confidence they lost and put back their dignity. It will make them happier and even improve their health is in some cases. What can be better than having the assurance that your loved ones are in a safe and protected environment rather than constantly wondering about them as you go about your daily routine.